Seville 2022


Saturday 18 June

Saturday 18 / June / 2022


Arrival ACI Delegation

Sunday 19 June

Sunday 19 / June / 2022


Electronic votes demostration - Ibiza A Room

Sevilla tourist visit tour

Buffet - Itálica Restaurant

Electronic votes demostration - Ibiza A Room

BOARD ACI - Descubrimiento Room

Networking - Italica Restaurant

Monday 20 June

Monday 20 / June / 2022


Electronic votes demonstrate. Acreditations - Ibiza A room

Inaugural Session

Cooperatives: The moment is now - Descubrimiento room

Panel 1: Present

Moderated by Rosa Lavin, KONFECOOP president

PANEL 2: Future Changelles

Moderated by, Malena Riudavets, COCETA vicepresident


With Rocío Blanco Eguren, Minister of Employment, Training and Self-Employment

Lunch / Buffet - Itálica Restaurant and courtyard

Election General Assembly ACI - Descubrimiento Room

First New Board Meeting - Descubrimiento room

Departure of buses for a guided visit to the Real Alcázar of Seville.

Dinner at Villa Luisa (Avda. Manuel Siurot, s/n).

On foot: 15-minute walk. A shuttle bus from the hotel will also be available from 9pm.

Tuesday 21 June

Tuesday 21 / June / 2022


Visite to sevillian cooperatives

Workshops (Ws) - Descubrimiento room

Ws: "Good Pratices in Public Policies for Cooperatives in autonomous administrations of Spain."

Ws: "Cooperatives Platforms".

Ws: Cooperatives experiences: COVAP and COVIRÁN.

Ws: Mondragón y Escuela de Osuna

" An educational experience that use economic action"

General COCETA Assembly - Mallorca room

Ws: "Cooperativism and Development Cooperation"

General CICOPA Assembly - Descubrimiento room

Wednesday 22 June

Wednesday 22 / June / 2022


CECOP General Assembly - Descubrimientos room